Passion Of The Weiss – “Black Macabre Vol.1: Thanking Evil” Review

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Through Patcher, Garrett invites us to explore what we would do to those we loath — whether momentarily on the bus or throughout a career’s worth of despicable raps — if there were no consequences and we had the power to bend the universe. On these grounds, it’s easy to see past what could be considered Garrett’s rookie manuscript blunders and be absorbed by his tale that taps into the dark places in ourselves most of us would rather pretend didn’t exist.

I applaud Garrett for allowing us to thank that little piece. Our evil endures. I can’t wait to see what he’s saved for Volume II.

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First Interview For “Black Macabre Vol.1: Thanking Evil”

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Tha Fly Nation caught up with journalist, photographer and graduate of Southern University & A&M College, Ural Garrett, to talk about his influences and experiences writing his first book, “Black Macabre: Thanking Evil“, the greatest Faustian revenge thriller ever told! Black Macabre: Thanking Evil is published by Over the Edge Books in Los Angeles. Be sure to grab your copy ofBlack Macabre: Thanking Evil on

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“Black Macabre Vol.1: Thanking Evil”

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The first in yearly installments, Black Macabre is the true terror through an urban lens. Written by esteemed journalist and writer Ural Garrett, the series is inspired by his love of horror and the literary icons that pushing the genre forward ranging from R.L. Stine to Clive Barker. Kicking off the premiere volume, “Thanking Evil” tells the story of Patcher Smith’s journey for revenge and absolute carnage.

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