I’ve found a formula for avoiding these exaggerated fears of age; you take care of every day – let the calendar take care of the years.

Ed ONeill

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2016 Okayplayer Photoshoots (So Far)

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Black Macabre Vol.1: Thanking Evil Coming Soon!!


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The Game Comments On Possible Reunion With 50 Cent

2016 News Stories (So Far)

Future’s “Purple Reign” Pop-Up Shop: Trap Chic & Fandom Overload

Some notable fan pieces include a representation of the ultra-popular “If Young Metro don’t trust you,” producer tag in the style of Ricky’s murders from John Singleton’s classic film Boyz N The Hood and an oil painting featuring Gucci flip flops. Those who remember Sergio Garcia’s Future tribute from Art Basel in Miami can get an up-close look at the original pieces, as well. Then there are small touches like doubled-up styrofoam cups adorning the bathroom door.

2016 Editorials (So Far)

Hip Hop’s Presence In The 2016 Democratic Primaries Is More Than Politics As Usual

A common criticism of Sanders revolves around if whether or not his policies of a more socialized take on Obama care and free junior college are even feasible. This in contrast to Clinton’s more establishment tone. Right now, both represent two very different approaches to liberal politics and their endorsements as well. Yes, Donald Trump had some rap co-signs as he leads the polls for the Republican party. Ben Carson failed in capturing the black vote through rap as well or Mark Rubio confessing his love for West Coast Hip Hop. How will history see rap endorsements for The GOP? The answer is currently in the air at the moment unless one cares about the thoughts of the “Right Thurr” guy or Kanye West’s manic self.

2016 HipHopDX Interviews (So Far)

A-F-R-O: The Future Of Vintage Hip Hop Is In Safe Hands

Sitting down with DX, A-F-R-O discusses how R.A. The Rugged Man changed the trajectory of his career and breakout role inVH1’s The Breaks.

HipHopDX Presents Gaming With: Migos

HipHopDX: Top Five DX Daily So Far

J Prince Threatens Cash Money Over Drake, Suge Knight’s Lawyers Says He Was Ambushed