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HipHopDX: Top Reviews So Far

Hiatus Kaiyote – Choose Your Weapon

People either appreciated their eccentric take on funk and soul as pretty phenomenal, especially on their debut Tawk Tomahawk. Or, not enough even noticed them. This is what makes their follow-up Choose Your Weapon such a triumph. It retains the dense, sonically progressive elements of Tawk Tomahawk while being an incredibly easier listen.

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HipHopDX: Top Profiles So Far

The Emotional Journey Of Boogie From Gang Life To “Oh My”

Avoiding complacency has been a lifelong objective for Boogie.  He’s helped break the mobius ring of gang violence and absent fatherhood by changing himself. His next goal, ensuring he doesn’t implode on the hype.

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HipHopDX: Top Six Interviews So Far

Kutt Calhoun Confesses Not Being Bitter About Leaving Strange Music & Hopes To Work With Tech N9ne Again

Speaking with DX, Calhoun discusses the process of leaving Strange Music, how much he made before and after his time with the label and his own venture Black Gold.

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HipHopDX: Top Six Features So Far

Tru Story: 5 Reasons 2 Chainz Outsmarted Nancy Grace During The #Pot2Blame Face Off

While many MCs of various levels celebrate the mighty fine herb, most fail to inform the fans on a systemic level. Hopefully this could lead toward more becoming more proactive. In the mean time, here are HipHopDX’s  five reasons the man who only wanted a big booty hoe for his birthday outsmarted the former prosecutor and television host.  

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Before becoming the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer he is today, alternative soul singer Timothy Bloom was just an army brat spending his younger days traveling the world with his family. “I think it’s just being social and being able to adapt to your environment,” explains the one time VH1 Soul You Oughta Know artist. “With dad being in the military and being a pastor with all the movement we did, I was able to expand culturally.” Coming from a religious background meant the church became his first stage in fulfilling his eventual career in music. According to Bloom, he discovered music to be his spiritual outlet.

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Singer/songwriter Victoria Monet McCants began her journey within the music industry as a young woman residing in California’s capitol. “Sacramento is really diverse, so I absorbed a lot of genres of music,” says Monet. “People in my school listened to everything from hard rock to country and anything urban.” Didn’t hurt that she spent her earlier years performing in school plays, church services and even NBA half-time shows. Leave it to Monet, music was a lifestyle.

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Our Weekly: JayMrRealEstate talks Jay Morrison Academy

For the past few years, there has been one particular voice advocating responsible economics and ownership within Hip Hop culture. That sharply dressed and charismatic gentleman is real-estate tycoon Jay Morrison aka JayMrRealEstate. Part of his appeal is how much his story represents not only the “started from the bottom” mentality that riddles Hip Hop, but also the much sought after American dream.

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HipHopDX Review – Azealia Banks “Broke With Expensive Taste”

Azealia Banks “Broke With Expensive Taste” is a chaotic album from an equally chaotic specimen in which we find her clearing a lane of her own.

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HipHopDX Editorial – The One Percent: Does 2014 Mark Hip Hop’s “Members Only” Platinum Plaque Era?

2014 marked a devastating moment for American music. Well, not really; just consider this year the next step in the industry’s digital evolution. For the first time since the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) began certifying platinum records domestically with the 1971 release of The Eagles’ Greatest Hits 1971 – 1975 compilation, not one album released this year had achieved platinum status, that is, until Taylor Swift broke up the pity party.

Read the rest here. Q&A: Avery*Sunshine

When it comes to independent R&B and soul, things probably don’t get any better than Avery*Sunshine. Since releasing her self titled 2010 debut, the “Ugly Part of Me” singer has subtly built for herself a pretty large following nationally and internationally. This year, Sunshine brought more positive vibes through her sophomore follow-up, The SunRoom. Featuring standouts including “Won’t You Try” and “Nothing To Something,” the album proves exactly why the Chester, Pennsylvania native has one of the vocal pipes in music today.

Speaking with, Sunshine discusses The SunRoom, tour abroad, balancing a career and motherhood and more.

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