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New Orleans native Dee-1 has come a long way from making the decision to drop his full time position as a school teacher to becoming one of hip-hop’s most positive and lyrically effective MCs. With each project released, Mr. David Augustine, Jr. continues to evolve artistically at an effortless pace. The notion continues with this fall as he prepares to drop his latest project, Psalms of David Vol. 2. His follow-up to Psalms of David Vol.1, hitting the net earlier this year, features the most righteous music video one will see this year in “Walking Revolution.” Featuring Dee-1 feeding the homeless citizens of New Orleans, the MC walks his talk.

Shot, edited and directed from a long time homie of mine Embryo, "The Spymaster" is based on an the true story of five High Level British Intelligent Agents who were assigned to spy on the Russians during the 1950's and 1960s. Forgot to mention that the whole...

Soul Culture UK Rapsody - Mass Hysteria Jean Grae - Fuckery Level 3000 All Day - The Brunch EP Tech Times  Oreo cookies more addictive as cocaine (at least to rats) Science publication calls blogger 'urban whore', whips up internet storm BART strike leaves over 400,000 SF Bay area commuters paralyzed and...

August became the 25th anniversary for Capcom's iconic Street Fighter series and I viewed this dope documentary on its history today after putting it off for so long.

Found lyrical references for each character in Street Fighter 2 by some of Hip-Hop's greatest. Click "Read More" to continue.

Got a chance to check out the awesome Brooklyn based band San Fermin at The Echo last night. Led by composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, San Fermin is just a mixture of every genre of music under the sun. Their live show was pretty amazing and don't be...

“I don’t consider myself a Christian rapper; I consider myself a Christian that raps about what he knows.”

Today’s new crop of emcees live in a less contained environment artistically thanks to this generation’s marriage to any and everything connected. That means that the sonic barrier between local and outside sounds are blurred to create new forms of expression on a constant basis. Up-and-coming spitter Raven Sorvino exemplifies the notion perfectly. Spending her childhood between Houston and Los Angeles due to her parents being separated, Raven describes herself as embracing both southern and west coast mentalities in every way possible. “Being in the south gave me a politeness about me, and my dad was the type of person that didn’t take any stuff,” Raven explained.  “Being with my mom in LA, she was such a queen; everything was so glamourous and elegant.  Take both of those two, that’s really who Ravin Sorvino is.”