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2013 E3 Coverage – Gameinatrix

Shout out to Gameinatrix for allowing me to cover E3 2013!!!

Outside of being their on-air correspondent, I cracked out some cool exclusive stories for the female gamer site.


Gamers looking for an experience that takes first person action puzzles in odd and satisfying directions will appreciate Magrunner. Though the PSN and Xbox Live editions of Magrunner won’t launch until September, PC will see a release next week. Those who preorder the game on GoG get a 15 percent discount or the first 15 levels playable through early access on Steam.

Eight-year-old lends Ouya a killer app through Astronaut Rescue

No one better exemplifies that than eight-year-old Utah native Noah Graff whose game Astronaut Rescue was not only one of the best games displayed at Ouya’s open to the public tent but, E3 period. The idea came after the third grader injured his leg while free-skiing on a terrain park handrail that would put him out of commission for six months. Sadly, he would find this out after making nationals for a ski racing competition.

How Extra Life became the coolest way to help children in need

How does it work? According to Adams, Extra Life works just like a run, walk or bike ride. However, gamers can raise money with no core work out and can sit on the coach and play their favorite games and raise money for their local Children’s Hospital.

Just visit the site(click here), build a fund raising page, pick a local Children’s Hospital and get sponsorship for as little as $1 an hour.

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