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2016 Editorials (So Far)

Hip Hop’s Presence In The 2016 Democratic Primaries Is More Than Politics As Usual

A common criticism of Sanders revolves around if whether or not his policies of a more socialized take on Obama care and free junior college are even feasible. This in contrast to Clinton’s more establishment tone. Right now, both represent two very different approaches to liberal politics and their endorsements as well. Yes, Donald Trump had some rap co-signs as he leads the polls for the Republican party. Ben Carson failed in capturing the black vote through rap as well or Mark Rubio confessing his love for West Coast Hip Hop. How will history see rap endorsements for The GOP? The answer is currently in the air at the moment unless one cares about the thoughts of the “Right Thurr” guy or Kanye West’s manic self.

Will Anyone Care About Kanye West’s “Only One” Video Game?

Releases dates within the gaming industry and music industry have changed over the years. Then again, if Ye is willing to drop The Life Of Pablo, he could do the same with Only One. The difference is that the masses can’t really tell if an artist released a seemingly unfinished album let some tell it. They surely can with an unfinished game. Right now, there isn’t enough information for Only One to have a closer release date. “The ball is really in Kanye’s court because going off his manic moods, we don’t know what he’s going to get,” said Smith.  If Kanye showed off the game to a selected few at last year’s E3, don’t be surprised if it makes more of a formal showing for upcoming one alongside GDC.

Did “Straight Outta Compton” Deserve Oscar Consideration?

Straight Outta Compton will go down in cinematic history as the film that opened the door for more stories told from a Hip Hop perspective. Thankfully, it didn’t become the critical catastrophe, yet successful box office earner that was Notorious. Instead, the film about the groundbreaking gangsta rap group made up of Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, DJ Yella and MC Ren is the blueprint for quality rap biopics. Doesn’t matter much if The Motion Picture Academy doesn’t recognize that. That’s fine. There was a moment when Driving Miss Daisy received better Oscar recognition than Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing over twenty years ago. Hip Hop will surely become grateful for a lifetime for everything Straight Outta Compton represents.

IDFWU: 6 Reasons Hip Hop Overwhelmingly Hates Donald Trump

Within the recent weeks, everyone from Mac Miller to T.I. have given their opinions on The Apprentice’s former host. Attitudes from many within the rap game reflect displeasure with Trump and his antics. As a refresher, here are five examples below proving why the guy who wants to “Make America Great Again” falls on deaf ears. Well, that’s unless one is Azealia Banks or Chingy. But, let’s be frank, their opinions don’t matter much.

“The Life Of Pablo” Is Kanye West’s 1st Crack At Making Software

Following the initial release of The Life Of Pablo, many wanted Sia and Vic Mensa to be added to “Wolves” regardless of Ye’s Ocean incorporation. Maybe Ye really listened to those fans appreciating the original version more. While other artists would be forced to explain themselves to death for the rest of their careers, Ye’s has the ability to give people what he perceives they want. Does this mean we’ll see an instrumental to “Love Kanye” since everyone from TM88 to DJ Premier have given their takes on the acapella track? Don’t be surprised if Ye drops a compellation of various “Love Kanye” tracks. Better yet, maybe it’s timeDesiigner’s vocals get a Future upgrade.

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