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2016 News Stories (So Far)

Future’s “Purple Reign” Pop-Up Shop: Trap Chic & Fandom Overload

Some notable fan pieces include a representation of the ultra-popular “If Young Metro don’t trust you,” producer tag in the style of Ricky’s murders from John Singleton’s classic film Boyz N The Hood and an oil painting featuring Gucci flip flops. Those who remember Sergio Garcia’s Future tribute from Art Basel in Miami can get an up-close look at the original pieces, as well. Then there are small touches like doubled-up styrofoam cups adorning the bathroom door.

Iman Omari Talks Kendrick Lamar Using “Omari’s Mood” During Grammy Performance

While the music industry marvels in Kendrick Lamar’s magnetic Grammy Awards performanceyesterday (February 15), another Los Angeles-area producer-singer-songwriter got some shine in a more subtle way.

Those who listened closely enough heard TDE’s flagship artist march shackled alongside other dancers to the microphone while Iman Omari’s “Omari’s Mood,” a selection from last year’s High-Loops & Higher-Loops instrumental album, played.

HotStylz Are One Hit Wonders & They’re Perfectly Fine With That

One of the last singles closing the “Ringtone” era featuring catchy danceable hooks and simple beats, HotStylz’s “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” – or the more radio friendly “Lookin’ Boy“– was a humorous lyrical exercise in popular hood pastime: the dozens.  Like many early viral internet sensations, a record deal (with RCA) and co-signs (from R. Kelly, Bow Wow, Cassidy and Young Joc on the official remix) followed. Then the group consisting of Krazee, Meatball and Raydio G sort of just disappeared.

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