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BET Digital Summer Stories

The Oral History of BET’s Teen Summit

For over a decade, Teen Summit served three purposes — bringing topics important to Black teenagers to the forefront, an outlet for Black creative expression, and a platform that led cast and production to greater opportunities.

“‘Teen Summit’ was able to provide us a space, to have access to things and understandings and conversations that you didn’t have access to in school,” said Lewis. “Most of that has to come from the community, and we are the community.”

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Rep. Karen Bass Remembers The 1992 Los Angeles Riot – And The Work It Took To Heal A Community

She’s in a tight race to become L.A.’s first Black woman mayor, but three decades ago the lawmaker was working to keep economic and racial tensions from reaching a boiling point.

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‘Nope’ Stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer On Being The Summer’s Biggest Cinematic Spectacle

The third film from Jordan Peele has the writer, director, and producer going full sci-fi/horror this time around.

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