UralG.com | BET Features January – February 2023
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BET Features January – February 2023

Unboxed Vol. 1: Fantastic Negrito Boldly Re-Examines Race By Looking Into His Ancestry

The Oakland native keeps making innovative blues with ‘Grandfather Courage’, an acoustic version of his racially charged ‘White Jesus Black Problems’ album.

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A Black Woman Built Community Through Black Culture Crossword Puzzles

Juliana Pache, the creator of Black Crossword, discusses what motivated her to create the new online game.

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Terrace Martin Discusses New ‘Chucks’ Track With Channel Tres & Friendly Grammy Competition

The West Coast producer’s ‘Drones’ album was nominated for ‘Best Progressive R&B Album’ at this year’s Grammy Awards.

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Maiya The Don Talks Growing A Social Media Following And New Music

The NYC influencer turned rapper made TikTok’s 2023 Visionary Voices List while getting respected by her rap peers by being authentically herself.

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Unboxed Vol. 3: The Boykinz Blended Country & R&B For Viral TikTok Smash ‘Girls Night’

The Quartet, made up of sisters Kylan, Anale, Nytere and Alona, recently got a huge co-sign from a country music legend.

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Body & Mind: NLE Choppa Is Finally The Person He Wants To Be

The Memphis rapper has already made notable changes in his life this year as he prepares to release the sequel to his breakout ‘Cottonwood’ project.

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How Tracey Lee Pivoted From Major Label Emcee To Sought After Entertainment Lawyer

The Howard and Southern University Law Center graduate is still putting out music including a modern update to ‘The Theme (It’s Party Time)’.

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