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Chrisette Michele & Gilbere Forte

Chrisette Michele

“Oh yeah. I mean it’s terrible sometimes. God bless my assistant because she’ll put my schedule on my phone. I’ll look at it and ask where are we going right after looking at my phone. I’ll get to the place and ask, “what are we doing?” It’s not because I’m not trying to pay attention, it’s because I have a lot going on. So ADHD a challenge for me even now. Say if I’m singing a song and someone yells something like sing, I’ll forget the words. If I go backstage once a show is over and I’m talking to someone then someone else talks to me, I’m like back and forth in-between two people. It hasn’t broken me and I’m not sad about it.”

Gilbere Forte

“L.A. is sitting at the head of the table just waiting for my arrival. He’s like, “Yo your music is fucking incredible and I think you are going to be one of the biggest artists ever.” I’m like I appreciate that but first, I’m here to express myself and show you who I am as an artists through my music. I ended up playing him two records. The first record I played had everyone’s jaws to the floor and LA slapped his hands on the table and started talking about how he didn’t have to hear anything else. I’m like you have to hear one more song. He sat back in his chair and smiled. The next record I played was “Nolita.” The entire room was hanging on every word and rhyme. It was one of the most incredible feeling to have the attention of folks who a couple of weeks ago, didn’t know who the fuck I was. They knew who I was right then and there.”


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