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Gameinatrix – August 2013

ArcaniA – The Complete Tale [Review]

“The Gothic series has been a PC mainstay for well over ten years. Many saw the action RPG as sort of a good “B” rated time that couldn’t hold a candle to some of the better quality titles like Elder Scrolls. Now the series will see home consoles for the first time with a port of ArcaniA: Gothic 4 through ArcaniA – The Complete Tale which also comes with the Fall of Setarrif expansion. ArcaniA: Gothic 4 was released in October of 2010 to lukewarm reviews and after playing ArcaniA – The Complete Tale, there isn’t a real reason as to why this had to have a console release.”

Though video game sales continue to slide this year, kids playing more than ever

“Video game sales have fallen over the months, the NPD Group have relieved that kids between ages 2-17 are gaming regardless and at a much more rate than adults according to a 2011 study.”

Nuclear Union: Potentially the next great Action RPG

“From what was played, Nuclear Union seems to be headed in the right direction. Though not as visually arresting as Mass Effect or Fallout 3, there’s a cool art direction and a solid engine at play. Pace wise, it actually falls snuggly in-between both games. Nuclear Union has quite a while to be polished before its 2014 release date but from what was seen, it could potentially stand toe-to-toe with its inspiration. “

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