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HipHopDX: Top Profiles So Far

The Emotional Journey Of Boogie From Gang Life To “Oh My”

Avoiding complacency has been a lifelong objective for Boogie.  He’s helped break the mobius ring of gang violence and absent fatherhood by changing himself. His next goal, ensuring he doesn’t implode on the hype.

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Father’s Nerdy Southern Gothic

As a new tide runs through Atlanta out of nowhere, Awful Records is becoming an integral part. If Father is the anti-christ mother should have aborted, the apocalypse doesn’t sound so bad after all.

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Fetty Wap’s California Adventure

Put your team on and make sure yall eat and make this money.” Point blank, Fetty Wap has a family to feed including a son and daughter. According to him, he won’t feel satisfied in his career until his singular mission. “When I can call my mom and let her know she can quit her job.”

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