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HipHopDX: Top Reviews So Far

Hiatus Kaiyote – Choose Your Weapon

People either appreciated their eccentric take on funk and soul as pretty phenomenal, especially on their debut Tawk Tomahawk. Or, not enough even noticed them. This is what makes their follow-up Choose Your Weapon such a triumph. It retains the dense, sonically progressive elements of Tawk Tomahawk while being an incredibly easier listen.

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Da Mafia 6ix – Watch What U Wish

hough the sonic and thematic foundation thankfully remains consistent (because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it), there are a some observations one should take into consideration when approaching the project. The most obvious is Gangsta Boo’s absence and small doses of Lord Infamous. Past that there’s much to like about Watch What U Wish. However, those looking for the wheel to be reinvented may be slightly disappointed.

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Young Thug – Barter 6

On its own merit; Barter 6 is the definitive mainstream strip club album of the modern era. This album may take clear mechanical cues from Weezy F Baby but the spirit is more Mystical’s Let’s Get Ready or Ying Yang Twinz’s United State of Atlanta. It’s post-Wayne freethinking surrealism with the raw 808 bounces that’s defined Atlanta’s sound for the past few years.

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Dom Kennedy – By Dom Kennedy

The fan-base he’s spent nearly a decade establishing isn’t going anywhere. There are moments wherealbum falls into thematic complacency, most notably on “2 Bad,” but, his growth is more than evident. Regardless, Dom Kennedy once again makes another solid effort that’s perfect for the mid-summer kick-back.

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Twista & Do Or Die – Withdrawal EP

Having Twista and Do or Die together for an album, on paper, was something that should have shown the new school of emcees utilizing their signature delivery a lesson or two. The problems with Withdrawal are mostly issues relating to please long-term fans and attract those locked in by current radio trends. Too bad there’s a chance both sides of the coin won’t be satisfied.

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