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HipHopDX: Top Six Features So Far

Tru Story: 5 Reasons 2 Chainz Outsmarted Nancy Grace During The #Pot2Blame Face Off

While many MCs of various levels celebrate the mighty fine herb, most fail to inform the fans on a systemic level. Hopefully this could lead toward more becoming more proactive. In the mean time, here are HipHopDX’s  five reasons the man who only wanted a big booty hoe for his birthday outsmarted the former prosecutor and television host.  

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The “Free Weezy Album” Aftermath: Lil Wayne’s Next Era

There’s a level of urgency that hasn’t been present in both his lyrical delivery and content since Tha Carter II. Then again, there are moments throughout the Free Weezy Album that have this lack of quality control more noticeable on anything past No Ceilings. With that said, Weezy F Baby’s Tidal exclusive works in his favor as a fresh start.

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Tyga, Transexuals & Shame In Hip Hop

The fact that livelihoods are being taken by perceived sexual preference sounds behind the times. Maturity regarding sexual preference and identity doesn’t necessary mean one has to partake in that specific lifestyle. It’s 2015, maybe it’s time Hip Hop grows up, accepts social change and respect one’s own life choices. Now, let’s get back to clowning about how bad The Gold Album is please.

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One Percent: The Fight Between Tidal, Spotify & Apple Music Could Lead To Industry Wide Change

The war over consumer dollars aren’t being fought on the storefronts of Tower Records, Warehouse Records and Sam Goody. They’re being waged online between Apple, Google, Spotify, Microsoft and Tidal. Artists who want a more direct approach to fandom and their brand also have their own options through personalized apps. Artists as well as consumers have more choices than ever which means better music and ways of attaining. After years of confusion within the digital space that began with a focus on online piracy thanks to Napster, there finally seems to be a surface level conscious of how to handle music within the internet age.

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TYBG: Lil B’s Ascension From Internet Oddity To Rap Game Buddha

Just as Buddha had a transformative experience of enlightenment, Lil B managed to do the same following years of being Hip Hop’s most questionable figure. When he’s not spreading those Basedworld thoughts, his Twitter account became a spiritual motivation for technological narcissism brought by the social media generation. With that in mind, here’s one tweetthat sums up how universal Lil B’s message of positivity has become.

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Hip Hop’s Role In The Confederate Flag Debate

In terms of the Confederate Flag, there are some artists within the culture who detest the symbol of dehumanization and oppression, re-appropriate it for their own empowerment or fit somewhere in between. As the conversation continues past this morning’s events, it’ll be interesting to watch who and why any rapper would associate themselves with something viewed as a symbol of America’s dark past.

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