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HipHopDX: Top Six Interviews So Far

Kutt Calhoun Confesses Not Being Bitter About Leaving Strange Music & Hopes To Work With Tech N9ne Again

Speaking with DX, Calhoun discusses the process of leaving Strange Music, how much he made before and after his time with the label and his own venture Black Gold.

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Black Thought Says The Roots Are “Kind-Of” Without A Label

Black Thought chats with DX about the creation of the frames with Moscot, Mona Scott Young’s involvement in The GrassROOTS Community Foundation, the death of Richard Nichols and The Roots not having a label home.

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Darren “Buttahman” Brin Reveals Life As A Closeted Gay Male In Hip Hop

Taking a time to speak with DX, Buttahman talks the significance of the Rap Attack, Fight Klub and homophobia within Hip Hop.

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Behind Bars With Crunchy Black: “This Jail Shit Ain’t Shit To Me”

So much to where there were a few automated reminders of how much was left. C.B.’s manager even had to refill his time card once during the conversation. Thankfully, within that time, everything from fans giving him commissary money to his plans for HHMG were discussed.

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Yelawolf Unhinged: “It’s Really Unfair To Say That Anything I’ve Done Is Conventional”

By the time the interview concludes, he sounds agitated. Could it be an alcohol induced hangover or maybe he’s simply over it? That doesn’t matter, because similar to Love Story, this interview will exist only to those with a vested interest in the white-knuckle journey of Mr. Michael Atha.

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