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Netta Brielle [Q&A]

“When you think of Aaliyah, SWV or even TLC, they wore big baggy jeans and jerseys to be comfortable. It also allowed everyone to pay attention to their voices and what they were saying verses what they have on or how sexy they looked. Everybody knows me as a tom-boy anyway so if I can get away with wearing some baggy jeans or some Jordans, I’m going to do it. That’s the dope about being with L7 and Atlantic is that they let me be comfortable. They’re not forcing me to be anyone that I’m not and I just remember watching these videos as a young girl and just seeing these young girls swagged out but with amazing voices. Every girl doesn’t want to be walking around in dresses all the time and that’s just where I come from; I’ve been like this. The whole 90s era from the looks to the style and to the music, I’m just all about it. So now I throw my overalls on and just keep it 90s while we’re in 2013.”

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