UralG.com | Q&A Features August 2013
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Q&A Features August 2013

Big Freedia

“Ru just contacted me personally and was talking about how he had been trying to get in contact with my management team and that he wanted to do a song with me. They sent over the track and my mouth dropped when he called my phone. I was overwhelmed and over excited. Like oh my God I just talked to Ru Paul on the phone. I got to the studio immediately to do the track and we sent it back. That’s how it came about.”

The Formula

“When we first started doing music, I was more percussion based and he was more melody based. Me playing keys is still something that I’m working on in adding to my arsenal, and he has definitely helped me there, as I have with his drums. We try to coach each other for stuff we want to do. Beyond that Chi is introverted and growing up out here I learned you gotta let people know who you are. I was used to hitting events because of my time as a writer, so I just try and help ease him into that life, going to different events and introducing him to folks I know. On the other end, he’s a Marketing major so he’s helping me on the business and branding side.”

My Gold Mask

“We’re not brooding people but sometimes when we write, that’s a place that we find interesting. We enjoy exploring with music. Like how a horror director probably doesn’t sit around and constantly think about horrible things. Between the three of us we listen to all types of music but we don’t look at them as influences but more as inspiration. We’re not trying to replicate anybody.”

La Luz 

“I think if anything, the response the EP got was a little intimidating because we put out these songs and we didn’t even try that hard. Everyone’s like this is amazing. We got a lot out of very little material and now we’re like the pressure’s on. I think it’s going to be really great and its done so it’ll be out sometime in October.”

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