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Raheem DeVaughn

So a post I did on Raheem DeVaughn’s “Ridiculous” single from his upcoming A Place Called Love Land was put up on SoulCulture and I started to remember why this dude is so awesome. Let’s start with how dope The Love and War MasterPeace was about three years ago.

“Sultry and sensual lyrics have taken a backseat in R&B in place of raunchy and over-sexual content but The Love and War MasterPeace bucks that trend. While there is one song in particular that may seem a little raunchy entitled “B.O.B.”(try not to laugh when you find out what that means), majority of the albums explore the many facets of love. “My Wife” will surely become the new wedding song for many while “Superhero” displays DeVaughn’s love for his mother. For many listeners, the social conscious songs will be the highlights of the album. “Bulletproof” featuring Ludacris is an uncompromising history lesson on the hypocrisy of America and its effects on today’s society. “

Around that time, I got a quick five minute interview with him before a performance in Baton Rouge.

“DeVaughn performance as apart of the “Soul Refined” concert series even had the singer going into the audience. While in the audience, he danced with a few females in the crowed to a nice number of late classic R&B hits, including a few by Marvin Gaye from which he has gained many comparisons to. The comparisons steam from the fact that Gaye was able to form classic “baby making” as well as socially conscious material. “It’s an honor, I think I’ll never live up to what he has done… just keep the torch burning” said DeVaughn. “I think we’re probably kindred spirits in a lot of way, maybe it’s the same drive.”


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