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SoulTrain.com Kadija Kamara

Influenced by a plethora of music genres locally and abroad, British alternative soul singer-songwriter Kadija Kamara cites everyone from The Beatles to Stevie Wonder as artists she admires. “I think good music is just good music written from the heart,” Kamara adds. “If you are a true lover of music, it would be hard to say you only listen to a particular type. Musicians are influenced by other musicians, it’s an ongoing cycle.”

Kamara’s artistic openness is understandable considering her London childhood. Growing up surrounded by British culture and her parents’ Sierra Leone background, music was essentially part of her DNA. “I guess I’ve always known, but it’s been about how I could make it happen,” she explains. “I’ve always been a writer, but never had the right confidence to perform in front of crowds but there was a turning point in my life where I started my mission as a singer-songwriter working on all areas of me.”

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