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SoulTrain.com Profile – Adia

For a woman brought up in the church, St. Louis born and Chicago raised singer Aida didn’t take her Christian background seriously after traversing down south to Huntsville, Alabama around her sophomore year of high school. “I turned into the Tasmanian Devil because I didn’t want to be here at all,” she says. “I went to church a little bit but I felt like it wasn’t for me, and watching my parents go in and out of different churches had me feeling that church was fake.” Before then, the 22-year-old describes a time where she was in church five to six times a week as her mother and father focused on their various work as ministers of music. Growing up in the church, she found music to be a passion of hers. When Aida wasn’t enjoying the spiritual stylings of The Clark Sisters and Kim Burrell, she began to appreciate more secular artists ranging from Destiny’s Child to Brandy.

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