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SoulTrain.com Profile: Boaz

Essentially creating a lane for successful hip-hop acts in Pittsburg, PA, Rostrum Records has cultivated the lucrative careers of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Next up to bat is Boaz Bey, or simply Boaz. Describing himself as a “fly brother, all around hustler and extraordinary musician,” the MC says growing up in the area of Larimer and watching hip-hop’s growth during the ‘90s gave him music aspirations. Helps that he came from a musically inclined family as well. “Music is something I’ve always been inspired by, and hip-hop was something I just gravitated to,” he adds. Boaz remembers his early fascination with Will Smith’s turn in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and House Party’s Kid & Play as forming his approach to relateability. “ I thought that was cool because it made me feel that regular people could have this ability,” says Boaz. “The raps they were giving off were that they were just everyday cats from the hood.”

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