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SoulTrain.com Profile: Jazmin Sisters

Before Beyoncé became Mrs. Carter and Kandi Burruss re-emerged as an Atlanta-based reality star, they both essentially represented the peak and unfortunate decline of one particular American musical staple: 90s R&B girl groups. Popular acts including Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, Xscape, SWV and TLC were quite common place thanks to perfect harmonizations, fun music and flat out style. While today’s contemporaries find influence from those described above for individual careers, it’s quite difficult to name on even half a hand the number of girl groups out currently, let alone one grounded in R&B. This is what makes Los Angeles-based foursome, the Jazmin Sisters, such a breath of fresh air. Chinese-American sisters Nadia, Felicia, Celia and Daria symbolize a very forward methodology juxtaposed with something rooted in a past many still yearn for. These girls have already created a massive amount of buzz thanks to their single “You,” which cleverly flips SWV’s classic ballad “Weak.”

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