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SoulTrain.com Profile: Kevin Ross

“I’m just truly humbled to open for someone who has been in the game for the last ten years,” says Motown signee Kevin Ross as he wraps a national tour opening for mentor Ne-Yo. “I’m taking in as much as I possibly can; been studying his every move.” Ross’ steady rise to R&B stardom hasn’t come from having thousands of Twitter followers, YouTube views or even a heavy slew of mixtape releases. The “Money over Love” singer’s journey seems more academic. “With me going to the school for the arts in Washington, D.C. and my background being a classically trained vocalist, the likelihood of me going to school for being a classical singer was highly probable, but Berklee came to my school and offered me a lot.” Besides learning from some of the best music professors the nation has to offer, the Boston-based Berklee College of Music lent the then-aspiring songwriter a bit more. “I definitely made sure I made the most out of my time by making sure to network with everyone I could,” he says.

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