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Soultrain.com Profile: Raven Sorvino

Today’s new crop of emcees live in a less contained environment artistically thanks to this generation’s marriage to any and everything connected. That means that the sonic barrier between local and outside sounds are blurred to create new forms of expression on a constant basis. Up-and-coming spitter Raven Sorvino exemplifies the notion perfectly.

Spending her childhood between Houston and Los Angeles due to her parents being separated, Raven describes herself as embracing both southern and west coast mentalities in every way possible. “Being in the south gave me a politeness about me, and my dad was the type of person that didn’t take any stuff,” Raven explained.  “Being with my mom in LA, she was such a queen; everything was so glamourous and elegant.  Take both of those two, that’s really who Ravin Sorvino is.”

Though she didn’t catch the music bug until several years later, there was always a need for her to perform at a moment’s notice. It didn’t matter if she was the only one dancing at a birthday party, performing at talent shows or being a cheerleader for her brother’s football team; clearly this was her dream. “I always wanted to be an entertainer and was never afraid to be in front of people,” said Raven. “Not to sound cliché, but I was born for this.” She later even lent herself to theater by acting in adaptations of Macbeth,  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (the W.S. Gilbert spin-off Shakespeare’s Hamlet), and Michael Frayn’s Noises Off.  

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