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SoulTrain.com Q&A – Fishbone’s John Norwood Fisher

The last couple of years has seen a resurgence in popularity for Los Angeles-based collective Fishbone. The group, who would go on to influence acts including Sublime and No Doubt, reignited their flame of popularity after 2012’s phenomenal documentary Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone. Seen as a vanguard band who intricately fused rock and ska, Fishbone was also thrown into the spotlight last year when The Roots made a controversial reference to one of their songs during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (as part of Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s walk-on).

Regardless, Fishbone has already cemented themselves as one of L.A.’s hallmark bands and that run of stellar creative output continues. After a slew of small independent projects and performances including a recent gig at this year’s Coachella, the group is back with their EP Intrinsically Intertwined. Released in late April, the short set features everything fans love about the band’s unique approach to music.

In this exclusive SoulTrain.com Q&A, we talk with Fishbone’s iconic bass player John Norwood Fisher about everything from the new EP, A Band Called Death, lack of prominent black rock bands, their legacy and more.

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