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Soultrain.com Review: Terrace Martin – 3Chordfold


Since the early days of hip-hop, one of the genre’s biggest criticisms is its musical validity. Is sampling just lazy copying? Does Fruityloops usage make one any less of a musician? Or should listeners just rely on a song’s enjoyability? This is what makes Terrace Martin such an anomaly in the discussion. Trained in classic jazz as a child, the Los Angeles based singer/rapper/producer has performed alongside jazz legend Billy Higgins, yet has lent beats to everyone from Snoop Dogg to Kendrick Lamar and Game. Even his wide span of solo work has become synonymous with contemporary LA music. This is what makes his second full length album, 3ChordFold, such a grand effort; he perfectly blends jazz and modern hip-hop in ways not seen since the early days of Q-Tip.

(Photo from 3ChordFold listening party at Inglewood, California’s Woodworks Studios in July)

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