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TechRadar Review Round-Up

HP Omen 27c review

The HP Omen 27c curved gaming monitor fits well into HP’s Omen line of displays, despite some notable caveats.

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Sony HT-S400 Soundbar review

From the HT-A7000 to the HT-G700 and HT-X8500, Sony has made a habit of making premium-level soundbars that would normally cost a lot more. This is what makes the Sony HT-S400 so remarkable: not only does the soundbar/subwoofer combo pump out an impressive 330W of total audio output but does it at a reasonable price point of just $299 / £269 / AU$499.

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Origin Millennium 5000X Review review

The Origin Millennium 5000X is a beast of a gaming PC, offering top tier specs like an Intel Core i9-12900K processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and 32GB of RAM. This is more than enough to play all your favorite PC games, and you won’t even have to change any of the graphics settings.

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HyperX Cloud Alpha

The previous HyperX Cloud Alpha had fantastic audio and microphone quality along with a wonderful, comfortable build while still being affordable. Thankfully, the Cloud Alpha is still a near-perfect option.

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