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The Script Lab Review – The Other Woman

Comedic stories of scorned women joining together to seek revenge against evil men is nothing terribly new to film. Early examples including Nine to Five and First Wives Club have always been seen as shining examples of the sub-genre. Then there’s Nick Cassavetes’ (John Q and The Notebook) sloppily directed Cameron Diaz vehicle The Other Woman. Diaz stars as career woman attorney Carly Whitten, whose presumably enjoying a relationship with Mark King (Game of Throne’sNikolaj Coster-Waldau). That’s until Carly finds out that Mark is married to seemingly docile Kate, hilariously played by Leslie Mann. Using the typical narrative devices, the two’s awkward introduction to each other turns into a transformative experience where they become best buds and eventually devise a plan against Mark. Things get a little complex when both discover that the husband/bachelor is dating a Kate Upton’s younger and more attractive Amber. Having a theme of “woman empowerment,” Amber also joins the team after discovering Mark’s double-life. Therein lies a standard tale that doesn’t bring much to the table outside of Mann’s perfect comedic timing.

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