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The Script Lab – The Unknown Known

“There are known knowns. There are known unknowns. There are unknown unknowns. But there are also unknown knowns – that is to say, things that you think you know that it turns out you did not.”

An intimate and insightful look into Donald Rumsfeld’s controversial political career, director Errol Morris allows the two-time United States Secretary of Defense to speak for himself in The Unknown Known. Feeling more like a coffee table conversation than formal interview, the 102-minute documentary revolves around Rummy reading and giving context to his “snowflakes.” For those unfamiliar with the subject, snowflakes were Rumsfeld’s extensive memo archives, essentially framing his time as an Illinois congressmen to highly loathed member of George W. Bush’s administration. In fact, his time with Dubya alone produced 20,000 memos. The Unknown Knowncould have easily become a longwinded attempt for the polarizing politician to explain himself. However, taking a more “from the horses mouth” approach lends a captivating frame of reference to key moments in Rumsfeld’s history.

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