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The ScriptLab Review – Keep On Keepin On

Past midnight, 93-years-old jazz icon Clark Terry lays on a bed as he mumbles (no pun intended) his almost academic doodle tongue technique to twenty something-year-old pianist Justin Kauflin. Nasal cannula assisting with oxygen flow, the man who served as Miles Davis and Quincy Jones’ mentor can barely see out of his diabetes affected eyes. That’s fine however, his Virginia Beach-based protege can’t see either. It’s just another night in a years worth of practice in Terry’s Pine Bluff, Arkansas home. Though TC (as many call him) has become a legend over the years, his health has deteriorated to near non-functionality. On the other hand, Kauflin is a struggling musician who recently travelled back home with his parents as the tough New York jazz scene didn’t accommodate the lack of eyesight. In this father and son like relationship, both use their passion for jazz to persevere essentially impossible obstacles; a big theme in Al Hicks’ phenomenally inspirational directorial debut Keep On Keepin’ On.

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