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The Tragic Story of Like Father Like Son: Lil Phat

So it looks like reports are saying that Baton Rouge native Lil Phat was assassinated by a Russian mobster for snitching to the police about a stolen car ring.


This is an opinion I wrote for Raprehab around the time of his murder.

Around that time, Melvin along with Trill Ent’s co-founder and president Marcus Turk Roach were accused of shooting up the store of local rapper Beelow for allegedly selling bootleg copies of albums from the label’s artists. Beelow was shot and bullet holes still adorn his “Shop Smart Music and Fashions” store though the times I’ve visited the store, it seemed like a front for some type of drug oppression.

Think about it, what type of fashion store has just one pair of jeans hanging on the wall? But I digress.

The duo would eventually be sentenced to two years of probation for battery (beat that T.I.) but all of this has led me to this point.

Mel’s street life was an influence on his son that ultimately lead to his death. You would think the son of label that was worth millions at it’s peek would try to steer away from that lifestyle but most importantly, where was his mother?

Looks like this is deeper than rap.


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